Journalist & authoraka Fleet Street Fox

Journalist Susie Boniface is an award-winning news reporter on local and national newspapers who in 2012 outed herself as Fleet Street Fox, the hack behind an anonymous blog giving the inside track on the Street of Shame.

Now a columnist and commentator in print, online and TV, she has survived a quarter of a century in Fleet Street as both staff and freelance - working for broadsheets, tabloids, news agencies, Sundays and dailies. So far she has never been successfully sued, though many have tried.

Her first book 'The Diaries of a Fleet Street Fox' was about the sex and scandals the newspapers don't report. Her second, the Bluffer's Guide to Social Media, was about all the things the internet doesn't tell you. And her third, the Bluffer's Guide to Journalism published in 2019, is about how to get in, get on, and get out of the best job on Earth.

She also lectures in journalism at several universities, and would like you to note that her careers teacher told her she'd never make it as a journalist.

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